About the NPSBC

Who is the Native Plant Society of BC?
We are people from British Columbia and beyond who appreciate, enjoy, study and work with BC’s native plants and their habitats. We are naturalists, gardeners, botanists, biologists, forest ecologists, plant propagators, landscapers and more.

What are our goals?
The society was founded in 1997 and based on learning more about native plants and their habitats, sharing information, and making a commitment to the ethical use of native plants as well as their conservation and stewardship.

The society’s objectives are to:

  • Increase awareness of the myriad values of native plants,
  • Promote the conservation of the province’s native plant species, communities and habitats,
  • Support the ethical use of native plants,
  • Encourage habitat┬árestoration
  • Facilitate communication and interaction among individuals, groups and governments regarding native plant issues, and
  • Support research on native plant and plant communities.

To make a donation to the Native Plant Society of BC, you can send a cheque to the NPSBC c/o #8 – 868 Cassiar St.,┬áVancouver, BC, V5K 4N6.

Donations to the Jim Rainer Memorial Fund can also be made to the same address.

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