Native Plant Gardening

There are lots of great reasons to use native plants in your garden. Here are a few:

  • Native plants are beautiful!
    Not only are there gorgeous native wildflowers, but also stately trees, attractive shrubs, luscious ferns and lovely groundcovers.
  • Native plants are adapted to our climatic conditions.
    That means low maintenance! They’re naturally programmed to withstand rainy winters and dry summers. And they’re used to sharing with other species.
  • Native plants have superior wildlife values.
    All kinds of wildlife use native plants – as food, as shelter, as places to nest or to reproduce.
  • Native plants have ecosystem values.
    Native plants help regulate climate, prevent erosion, improve water quality, cycle nutrients and much much more.
  • Native plants contribute to biodiversity.

About 2,500 species of plants are native to BC. And while not all of them are available at your local nursery, they are critically important to maintaining biodiversity.

The Native Plant Society of BC encourages you to use native plants in your garden for the all these reasons and more. Just remember only to use plants that have been propagated from sustainably collected seeds and cuttings. Do NOT collect native plants from the wild (that includes parks, greenways and other natural spaces).

Where do I begin?
There are a number of great resources online and in bookstores to help get you started. Rather than reinvent the wheel here, we’ve put together a list of some of those resources. native_plant_gardening_resources

Where can I buy native plants?
They may not be at your local chain hardware store just yet, but there are nurseries, stores and other outlets that sell native plants. NativePlantNurseriesandSeedSuppliersinBC

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